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Jews are God's chosen people .. BS

Bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel .. BS

When people parrot these words their assertion is Jew is a synonym for Israelites and they assert that the white Europeans are the descendants of the Jews/Israelites stated in the scriptures.

The European word Jew is a mutation that comes from the word Judah.

NO where in the scriptures does the word Jew identify the 12 tribes of Israel.

When used in any context to identify a group of physical descendants, Jew/Judah ONLY identifies the descendants of Judah.


The first crack in the nation of Israel.

The first king of all of Israel was a Benjamite (Saul, which became quite a scum ball). After David came along the first hint of Israel being politically divided is found.

2_SAMUEL 2:10 Ishbosheth Saul's son... began to reign over ISRAEL ... But the house of JUDAH followed David.


Only 9 1/2 tribes of Israelites who returned from Egypt took up residents in the promise land. 2 1/2 tribes settled on the other side of the river in what is now the nation of Jordan. The Israelites began to be dispersed, migrating to other lands. It looks like Egypt was their main place of re-settlement? Why, I can only guess.

2_SAMUEL 24:9` Joab gave the number of the people to the king: and there were in ISRAEL eight hundred thousand valiant men that drew the sword; and the men of JUDAH were five hundred thousand men

The number of people in Israel.. but the context is MEN THAT DREW THE SWORD. In Numbers 1:3 the fighting age was set at 20 years old. So this number only includes males over 20 years old.

With a very conservative family tree projection by the time David came around there were over 20 million Israelites.

If the tribe of Judah consisted of 5/8 of those IN ISRAEL, where were the vast majority of the other tribes of Israel at this time?


After Solomon pulled his tricks, Israel was divided into two opposing factions which was identified as Judah (southern split) and Israel (northern split).

The Benjamites and Levites joined with Judah to create the kingdom of Judah. This residential/political faction is identified as YHUWDIY / JUDAH.

Nine tribes Asher, Benjamin, Dan, Gad, Issachar, Joseph, Levi, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon, Zebulun joined forces to create the northern split and they were identified as Israel. These 9 tribes are NEVER identified as Jews/Judah in any context, but Israel/9 tribes were the enemies of the Jews.



Because the were so evil, God first scattered 10 tribes (more like 9 1/2). There were some Levites who remained in the northern kingdom.

First God scattered Israel (the northern kingdom) 9 1/2 tribes out of the promise land.

Israel (the majority) of the northern kingdom was taken into Assyria

2_KINGS 17:6` In the ninth year of Hoshea the king of Assyria took Samaria, and carried ISRAEL away into Assyria, and placed them in Halah and in Habor by the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes.



2_KINGS 17:18` Therefore the Lord was very angry with ISRAEL, and removed them out of his sight: there was none left but the tribe of JUDAH only.

Israel .. the majority of the 9 1/2 tribes of Israelites were scattered into Assyria. The only complete tribe left was Judah and the fraction of the tribes that joined the southern faction in the divided kingdom (Mainly the Benjamites and some Levites).

The people in this political/residential faction were identified as Judeans (translated to the European word Jew)

When the residence of the southern kingdom were also scattered, they continued to be identified by the kingdom they came from. Jews/Judeans.

Other than the identification of one tribe (Judah) the word Jew did NOT identify any one and Jew is NEVER used to identify the 12 tribes of Israel.

There is NOTHING written about Jews in the life time of Abraham, Moses nor Joshua, so any one who reads any verses before the creation of kings and uses the word Jew to identify any one, does by ignorance or stupidity.

There were no promises given to Jews, all promises were given to the Israelites (ALL 12 tribes)

There were no laws given to Jews, all laws were given to the Israelites (ALL 12 tribes)

Regardless if you say the word Jew is a modern day synonym for the word Israelite, if you believe it,  take your text and use search and replace to replace all the words Jew with Israelite.


NO where are converts ever referred to Jews nor are converts referred to as Israelites.

When ever "Strangers" did keep any of the laws of Moses, they continued to be identified as strangers.

Jew NEVER identifies the 12 tribes of Israelites.

Non Israelites (strangers) never became Israelites. Deciding to follow some doctrine could not possibly change who any one's ancestors are.

NO where does it state Jews are chosen people or bless those who bless the Jews.

There is NO information about the subset of a political group identified as Jews, until that political group was created in the divided kingdom.

All promises and laws were given to ALL 12 tribes of Israel.

NOW, let's see what the scriptures say about THE PHYSICAL DESCENDANTS OF ISRAEL.


Deuteronomy 6:3 Hear therefore, O Israel

No, this information is not given to a fraction but to all Israelites. No, this information is not given to white Germans, Russians and Pollocks 'converts'

The word Yisra'el = Jisrael, a symbolical name of Jacob/Israel ; also (typically) of his posterity/descendants

Deuteronomy 6:3 Hear Israelites.. Physical descendants of Israel

Deuteronomy 7:6 You are a holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen you to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

Before any one could claim this applied to the white European descendants calling themselves Jews, they would first have to verify the assertion they were descendants of the Israelites. Below I expose that farce. While they have no links to the Israelites by mountains of marriage and birth records, we can track them to the rest of the European families.. link below.

Deuteronomy 6:3 Hear you.. black Asian and African descendants of Jacob who were scattered into the Assyrian and Persian empires, God hath chosen you to be a special people.


NUMBERS 24:9 He is blessed who YOU bless and he is cursed who YOU curse
( NOW, who is the 'YOU' in this verse?)
Balaam, a seer, The son of Beor, from a city in Mesopotamia/Aram/Syria
Balak, son of Zippor, king of Moab,

Numbers 22:4  Balak ... king of the Moabites ... sent messengers .. to Balaam
Numbers 22:6  Balak said to Balaam.. curse this people...  for whom you bless  is blessed, and he whom you curse is cursed.

This was not God saying who blesses the Israelites will be blessed and who curses the Israelites will be cursed.. This IS Balak the Moabite trying to get a non Israelite to put a curse on the Israelites !

NUMBERS 24:9 Balaam speaking .. Blessed is he that blesses you, and cursed is he that curses you.

Balaam was NOT an Israelite, Balaam is not God. It was a man, a non Israelite who said this. In this context Balaam (the man) was speaking about the physical descendants of Israel, not white German, Russian and Pollock calling themselves Jews.

Balaam of course said this about the Israelites and the descendants of these Israelites are identified in the prophecy from the lands they will be gathered from.. Isaiah 11:11 Asia and north Africa. The people who live in those lands are presently called Arabs. I suppose most are Muslims.

Now for the perversion of the words I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you.

The European cult calling themselves Jews refer to non Israelites as goyim.

The word gentile is given the meaning nations, but when used most of the time the gentiles/nations identify NON Israelites.

An Israelite is simply a descendant of the man Israel/Jacob. Goyim/gentile is NOT the identification what any one is. Goyim/gentile is the identification of what one is not. 
Goyim/gentile = one who is NOT a descendant of Jacob/Israel

When Abraham existed there was no such thing as an Israelite. When Abraham existed there was no nation of Israel. A goyim/gentile being a non descendant of Israel, Abraham of course was a goyim/gentile.

If an Israelite was a status of physical heritage from a mother, then every son, grandson, great grandson through all generations would be Israelites.

Genesis 17:16 And I will bless Sarah, and give thee a son also of her: yea, I will bless her, and she shall be a mother of nations. Of course the Edomites were descendants of Sarah.

Sarah was not a descendant of Israel, she was a goyim/gentile (non Israelite descendant)


If an Israelite was a status of physical heritage then all sons and grandsons would be Israelites.

Genesis 17:4 Abraham shall t be a father of many nations. The Ishmaelites, Edomites and Midianites were descendants of Abraham. Abraham was a NON descendant of Israel, Abraham was a gentile/goyim.

If one was an Israelite, and the descendants of Israelites were Israelites, of course Isaac was no Israelites. With one wife, Isaac produced twin sons and the descendants of one of those sons went on to produce the NON Israelite of Edom.. Edomites.

Isaac was NOT a descendant of Israel, Isaac was a gentile/goyim.


An Israelite is simply a physical descendant of the man Israel/Jacob.

The first Israelite ever to exist was Reuben. Every one on earth before him was a goyim/gentile.




This statement was made about Abraham and ONLY about Abraham

GENESIS 12:3 And I will bless them that bless you (Abraham) , and curse him that curses you (Abraham) : and in you (Abraham) shall all families of the earth be blessed.

#1 There is NOTHING in this context about Israel.

#2 There is NOTHING in this context about those who curse/bless your descendants, but the target is you.. Abraham.


Abraham never heard of any such thing as an Israelite, he died before Reuben (the first Israelite) was ever born.

GENESIS 12:3 Is given to and about the gentile/goyim Abraham and the blessing that ALL FAMILIES OF THE EARTH would receive through him.

If you think this is not exactly what is written, open your own version of the scriptures. Now you know (unless ignorance is their excuse) every one who states this verse states "those who curse Israel will be cursed.. those who bless Israel will be blessed" Every time you see any one write this or say it ... now you know they are liars.

As for the actual descendants of the Israelites the Romans never took Israel into Europe

2 Kings 17:6 In the divided Kingdom (Israel) 9 1/2 tribes of the North was carried away to Assyria. The Israelites were not scattered into the corners of the Earth but the word is erets and when the scriptures use the word north, north is relative to where you are standing and all the north countries identified were in Asia.

In the prophecy of the Israelites being gathered it is not from Russia, Germany, Poland.. Europe but the places where Israel was scattered are identified as Asia and North Africa. If you want to suck up to the descendants of the Israelites, it appears you better go kiss an Arab.

Isaiah 11:11 In that day,  the Lord shall set his hand...  to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea. ...NOT EUROPE... Asia and Africa !!!


As for the white cult of Europeans who ignorant people believe are the descendants of the players in the scriptures, the following links expose their hoax.

You can click on them form here but if you don't want to get lost and you want to share this page with contacts you can go back to the top and follow the instructions how to e-mail this entire web page.

The following links are not about different topics but they continue to expose the hoax that these Europeans follow the laws of the scriptures or that they have any physical connection to the Israelites.

They are no more descendants of the Israelites than the white Europeans who created the sect of Jehovah Witnesses or Christian Identity.. all who claim that they are the real Israelites. They are exposed by anthropology and the scriptures.


NO, I am not a Muslim nor an Arab... nor "white supremacist" . I too believed the Jew Hoax until I was middle age, then a chain events opened the door that started my investigation.

Why do Christians support these European cultist, because they think they are getting brownie points from God. Because they are ignorant of the scriptural and physical evidence that exposes their fraud.

We tend to believe what others around us say.. and they believe that for the same reason. If you want to look behind the door, you can answer these questions for yourself.

If you want to debunk the whole farce read all these links.


The land of Israel was NOT given to European German, Russian, Polish, Dutch 'converts'. Israel was given to the physical descendants of the man goyim/gentile Abraham Here is the evolving events of the Promise Land.

"Jew" claim: NO, there is NO genetic evidence connecting European 'Jews" to the Israelites


No one calling themselves Jews keep the laws of the Torah or their Talmud that was concocted in Europe


The Israel of Prophecy is not the state created in 1948. That Israel will become a nation only after specific events take place


The flight of refuges where the Israelites were scattered and where they will be gathered from (not from Europe but from the middle east.. if the scriptures are true).


When were the Israelites scattered and how many remained to be assimilated in the Arab nations?

The Israelites will NOT be gathered from all nations, they will not be gathered from the corners of the earth. The 'north' is identified as lands in the middle east empires, not Russia.


The Europeans nor any one on earth can trace their ancestors back 3000 years to the Israelites


While the Europeans have no evidence connecting them to the Israelites, there are mountains of marriage and birth record evidence connecting them to being descendants of the rest of the Europeans ... such as the Nazis.

Poor little 'Jewish' victims of the Nazis were nothing but their European relatives. Date Line NBC program on 'Jews in Hitler's Nazi Army' ... Jew Nazi soldiers, Jew Nazi officers, the skeletons they hide in their closets. &


No where in the scriptures (any one's version) did the word translated to Jew, ever identify the 12 tribes of Israel.

When ever you hear them say the word Jew is a synonym for Israelite, that is fine. Just take their text and use search and replace to replace all their word Jews to Israelites, then you can use the links above to see what could possibly make these 'Jews', Israelites.


If the scriptures are false there were no such things as Israelites.

If the scriptures are true we can see what lands all ancient characters lived in.

We can look at the studies on the physical remains of the ancient people before their DNA was polluted by European invaders.. and we can establish all players in the scriptures were a composite of Asians and Africans.

We can then look at the white Europeans calling themselves Jews and ask the question, how could a white race of Europeans (no different than any other Europeans) be the descendants of a black race of Asians/Africans.

These links give their excuses and all the counter arguments & how DNA is now being used to identify the race of an original population of the earth


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