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Hieroglyphs, characters in a population's writing where symbols represent objects (such as tools, animals, or boats) and ideas (such as motion, time, and joy). Hieroglyphics means "sacred carving"

Go to the search engine, look up hieroglyphs and there will be dozens of web pages that let you type in your name and it will create a hieroglyph of your name... NOT

You will also find dozens of web sites where they give a letter of our alphabet and beside it give a hieroglyph letter it is supposed to sound like.

The fact is NO living person on earth knows the sounds of any Egyptian letter or word. Trying to use our phonetics in conjunction of hieroglyphs is quite humorous.


Egyptian hieroglyphic had between 700 and 800 basic symbols, called glyphs. Written in long lines from right to left, and from top to bottom and NO spaces or punctuation.

Imagine trying to assign the sound of our alphabet letters to the letters/symbols of hieroglyphs. We have 26 symbols, they had 700-800 symbols... so what would be the 750 Egyptian sounds of the rest of their symbols.

The very idea of using an English, French, German, Russian.. word and using phonetics to see how it would be spelled in hieroglyphs is goofy to say the least.

We can not even use phonetics to show how our words would be spelled in foreign languages that use our same alphabet, let alone an ancient language of 700-800 symbols (alphabetic characters)

We could find the word meaning elephant in hieroglyphs, but our sound elephant and the Egyptian sound elephant would be totally different.

We can not translate our sound into hieroglyphs, we can only find word meanings in our language and in hieroglyphs that are the same. ONLY meanings, not sound can be translated between hieroglyphs and any other language.

As for those web sites that let you type in a European letter of the alphabet and show the hieroglyph letter that is supposed to be the same sound.. it is a farce.


Take the words car, America, Israel, Russia, computer and translate it into hieroglyphs... It is impossible

* Because  the sounds of hieroglyphic letters is unknown

* Because to translate our words to hieroglyphics, the ancient Egyptians would have to had used such a word.

Using phonetics to translate our sounds to hieroglyphs.. impossible

ONLY if a group of hieroglyphic symbols/letters (a word) has the same meaning as a collection of our letters, can we translate meanings.

If it is written men rode their #%^&*(~ to another village... even if we know all the words but one.. until that one word is identified we can not replace it with our own meaning.

Did the #%^&*(~ have horns, a tusk, a hump.. could have been an oxen, horse, elephant, zebra, camel ...

When a word could have several or dozens of meanings, and any one injects a specific meaning for the word or phrase, they are not translators. They rode their #%^&*(~ , oh it says they rode their ostrich to another village (IF the thing they rode had feathers).

Bug a car, an error, an insect, to aggravate ... any word of multiple possible meanings must have information in the context to identify the actual meaning.

Me sitting on a lily pad in the USA... "Some of my relatives came to visit from a foreign nation in Europe)

Europe is a land area that contains a great many nations, so unless there is something in the context of my letter to identify them.. in a land area that contains MANY foreign nations, that foreign nation is unidentified.

* It is impossible to translate the sounds of modern day words into hieroglyphic letters using phonetics.

* When any ancient text has a word that could have dozens of meanings, only a fraud would state that word meaning was the one specific meaning they injected.

* Translation of hieroglyphs can only be accomplished when we know the possible meanings of that word has the same meanings of our words.. and if it has multiple possible meanings, the context must identify which meaning the word has.

Bug a car, an error, an insect, to aggravate, wire tap, cold  .. 

He found a bug in his soup .. which meaning does bug have in this context

His bug ran out of gas.. which meaning does bug have here?

We had relatives come from a foreign country in Europe.. which country is identified in this context?

Our modern phonetic sounds has nothing to do with the sounds or meanings of hieroglyphics.

Only when words in hieroglyphs have the same meanings as our words, can we place our words next to that hieroglyphic word.


It has been a long time since the Frenchman solved the problem of reading hieroglyphs but the world population still has to depend on bits and pieces Egyptologist give them.

It appears that it is the same problem people had getting the information out of the bible. Who could read Greek, Latin, Hebrews?

We would have to have a special keyboard.. we would have to learn all the letters in Hieroglyphs? No we can use an easier method to spread the knowledge of ancient Egypt.

Word Meanings

The authors of Strong's dictionary came up with a good idea. The world population did not know the letters of Greek, Latin nor Hebrew so.

#1 They replaced these words with our own numbers. We do not need a special key board, all we need do is type in the Strong's number and the meaning in our own language will appear.

Simple word replacement is not translation, but we can look at hieroglyphs and begin to find words in the text.

#2 We would have to begin by creating a clear set of letters used in hieroglyphs.

To be able to write hieroglyph text, we could just type in numbers on our keyboard.

Each letter of hieroglyphs would be assigned a hexadecimal number.

Type in that number or click on the letter on your screen and it would be added to your word.

After the word was typed in, the program would find the meaning of that word.

This means could be used if you looked at non translated hieroglyphs.


These hex numbers which means some hieroglyph letter will make the rest a lot easier.

Say there were 200 letters in hieroglyphs .. and hex 120 meant some letter

When you typed 120, your program would read it and display 120.jpg which is that letter.

So far you could type in a hieroglyphic word and get the meaning or type your own word and get the hieroglyph.


Now we get to the part of reading hieroglyphic letters, stone tablets .. now we get down to whole letters composed by the ancient Egyptians

In the example of this hieroglyph , hieroglyph2 Even large graphics have poor defination.

a) The hieroglyphic words would be placed above using our letter .jpgs

b) Below would be our own words

Each hieroglyphic document that had been translated would give such information as

Found by whom, latitude, longitude

Where the artifact is today.. on a wall.. in a museum..


Using just enough graphics to create the letters of the hieroglyphs, any amount of known hieroglyphs could be translated with nothing more than the letters and numbers of our own keyboards

Any one who knows all of the letters in a couple paragraphs of hieroglyphs and the word meanings can e-mail me. I will create a sample program to show you how it would work.

Say after a while hundreds of people contributed a few pages and some one came along looking for text of the Egyptians about Hittites or donkeys.

Typing the key search word would scan the data base and produce all entered hieroglyphs with those key words.


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