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What race existed in the bible lands before the Europeans began to invade? Look at New Zealand, Australia or the Americas when the Europeans first got there. Look at hundreds of pictures of the native Americas when photograph began, from the 1850s to the 1920s when they put native American Children in schools. You see nothing but a sea of straight black hair and black faces.

This was the face of the Americas before Europeans came. Look at the cities of America today, it is a crock pot of every race on earth. It took Europeans less than 400 years to pollute, import, change the race of this land. Europeans have been polluting S.W. Asia and North Africa for over 2,500 years.

Before the invasion of Europeans the bible lands .. north Africa was a composite race of black Asians and Negroes. If you want to see the face of the original natives, one of the best places to look is in the tombs of ancient Egyptians.. in the period before the Europeans .. before Alexandria invaded.

The closest thing to the original race that exists in the bible lands today can be found only in areas where the population has been separated from the villages and cities which have became a mixed population like the Americas.

In the isolated villages from the cities in Egypt, you will find NO blond hair, no fair skin, you will find the black faces that belonged to the original middle east race. Look to the wandering tribes of herders in Saudi Arabia, Iraq .. where they remain separated most, they are the purest.

You want to see what non western Europeans looked like before Europeans polluted their population, look at the early pictures of the native Americans, look at the Aborigines. 


If you went to the cities of Africa today you would see a lot of half breeds after the British and such "settled" took over large land areas of Africa.

Of course after being polluted with whites, mixed breeds will be found through out Africa. Once a people are infested with outside DNA 3 possible things will happen.

Some descendants will be black
Some descendants will be white
Some descendants will be a mix of both races
Different race children will pop up out of the blue. There is no way of knowing when.

Thomas Jefferson has hundreds of white descendants but that is not all he has.

This page is a trivial fraction of the possible results of mixed race children.


If you want to know what Africans looked like BEFORE they were polluted with Europeans, you might want to look at one of the early versions of the Tarzan movie. In one of them they collected films from European/American hunters/explorers who entered into parts of Africa where no white man had ever been. 

This Tarzan movie had segments from multiple tribes from different parts of Africa and in a sea of thousands of faces, there is not one fair skin or light hair African. As they panned through the gatherings of the multitude it was nothing but a sea of black.

Blond hair Negroes? Blond hair Egyptians.. tee hee

Tomb robbers have taken unknown artifacts from the tombs of the Egyptians. What ever they took can never be verified as being an actual artifact, BUT in every case where actual archeologist has entered a burial chamber, a log of every item found is recorded.
Forgers could take a couple hundreds worth of gold, create a supposed object from ancient Egypt and sell it for a hundred thousand dollars. Watch Antique Road Show some time and see how forgers make fools of people.
Every authenticated artifact has been recorded. Every inch of every wall of a newly found tomb has been photographed ... so when people come up with some picture of an object or wall painting from ancient Egypt, it can be verified.
Any picture I present from a private web site should be questioned by you.. as I question it my self ... as the supposed "blond Egyptians" in this web page.


Today of course there are many blond hair Egyptians AFTER the Europeans infested their gene pool, but we want to look at Egyptians in the time period before they were polluted by Europeans.

Here are two pictures a guy used to show us that there were blondes in Egypt.
The top is a guy with a dog. He neglected to reveal that was not his hair, but a helmet he was wearing. On the left side of this picture I stretched the detail, to show the general outline of this helmet.
It may also be a hat. Note on the back side of his head how the sharp line of the color is on the back of his ear.

Egyptians either shaved their head or had long flowing hair and not bobbed as in this picture.
I do not have dsl and it takes me a long time to look through pictures on the web. Last night I saw a similar picture of 5 or 6 Egyptians with the very same "yellow hair and bobbed hair cut" or they happened to be wearing the same hat or helmet. If I find it again by accident I will include it in my "blond hair Egyptians"


On the bottom left of the picture below is an actual painting of birds in a burial chamber. Guessing the blocks of this chamber were about this color, the light yellow is what the wall would have looked like before they started painting.

When people draw, they either just use one (or a couple colors).. or they try to include every color and hue of the actual subject. The painting on the bottom left is a full color attempt.
If they would have just used a single color of the material of the back ground and then drawn with a single color to create the lines, it would have looked like the bird in the upper right of this picture.


Now look at the bird above the red dot in the picture below. The artist did not fill in the colors but used only black to draw the outline... so shall we assume the color of the stone it was painted on is the actual color of the bird?
The hair of the Egyptian and kid is sandy yellow, shall we assume their hair was the same color as the stone the image was drawn on?
To the right of the picture in the blue dot (looks like) a deer that is outlined, shall we assume the actual deer was the color of the stone it was painted on?

Look at the kid's hand by the green dot? How is it his hand is the same color as the stone it was colored on but his face is dark brown? Was the kid wearing gloves?
In the legs below the pink dot, note the legs are the same color as the stone wall. Was the kid wearing long pants, or did they just neglect to color these parts and allow them to keep the color of the canvas (rock) they were painted on?


This appears to be a wall painting. Unlike statues and other artifacts, wall paintings remain in the tombs, so when some one shows you a wall painting ask them
#1 What site did this picture come from
#2 What room did it come from
#3 Did you get the picture by photographing it yourself or did you get it off the private site of an individual telling some story?
#4 Which Egyptian museum staff has the recorded information about this particular drawing.

Blond Egyptians? show me your pictures, give the tomb, the room and which wall they are painted on, then give me an official source where I can verify this is an un-altered image of the original picture.
The pictures I get off National Geographic, PBS, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel ... I pretty well trust these sources when they go in live with cameras rolling.. but any picture I get off private web sites are no more than gossip.. that which may or may not be.

Yuya & Thuya

Amenhotep III, had many wives, one chief wife was Tiye, daughter of Yuya and Thuya. It has often been speculated that Tiye was also the mother of Tutankhamun .

Thuya , Yuya, husband and wife blond Egyptians? Not royals, but their daughter Tiye was one of Amenhotep III wives.
I guess the one on the left is Tiye's father and the one on the right is her mother. If you have ever watched any forensic detective  programs where they have removed a casket from a grave after only 5 or 10 years, you will be able to have a nice little giggle.

After being buried for a period of time even the fairest skin Europeans with blond hair do not come out of a grave with bright sparkling hair that looks like they just shampooed and put glitter in their hair.

Note the color of the hair is not blond, it is actually a gold color. Out of the tomb with bright shinny hair, looks like shampooed and given sparkle effects? I don't think I have ever seen a living person with this color of hair?
Look at the one on the right, it is not only gold in the face, but has gold colors on the skin of the chin and forehead. ... OH YEAH, why are the paintings of these two in life ALL with black hair?


Here are some pictures of these  mummies (above) "blond Egyptians". You can not tell the color of the hair from the left picture because it is not colored

But you can tell from the gold mask and the statue, this person had brown eyes and from the statue on the right, you can tell they had very dark brown skin.
I don't know about you, but I have never seen any person with dark brown skin this color with golden blond hair?
There are African tribes that uses cow urine to turn their hair kind of reddish blond, but I never saw any black, brown with this golden color of hair.
Was their hair dyed, was there embalming chemicals that turned the hair this color? or were there actually dark brown people with natural golden color hair?
One of the best ways to research the possible color of Yuya & Thuya's hair is to look for all the paintings and statues that were made before they died and see if there are any paintings of them with black hair.


 In the "white supremacist" groups they have a web site "white history" and one of the images they produce is the mummy of Amenhotep III and his wife

At auction this relief of Amenhotep III was sold for $54.000.

Lot 177, Egyptian limestone relief fragment, New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII, late reign of Amenhotep III, 1361-1353 B.C., 17 1/8 inches high
Lot 177 is an Egyptian limestone relief fragment depicted a seated official wearing an array of adornments including a double strand of the "gold of honor." It is dated to the New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII, late reign of Amenhotep III, 1361-1353. B.C. It is 17 1/8 inches high. It has a modest estimate of $15,000 to $18,000. It sold for $50,400 including the buyer's premium as do all results mentioned in this article.
When buried and retrieved from his grave he still had his own hair. When painted in Life Amenhotep III had coal black hair... Ooooops !



The next thing we can do is look at their children.. and we just happen to know one of their children ... princes Tiye was one of Amenhotep III wives.

What are the chances this Egyptian queen (Tiye) came from golden blond hair parents? She is the daughter of those two supposed blond mummies.

Only if there are no paintings of her parents (the mummies Yuya & Thuya)  with black hair would you consider the blond mummy assertion. One of the first things to test the "blond hair" story would be to have the hair of those mummies tested by forensic scientist.


Tomb robbers have taken unknown artifacts from the tombs of the Egyptians. What ever they took can never be verified as being an actual artifact, BUT in every case where actual archeologist has entered a burial chamber, a log of every item found is recorded.
Forgers could take a couple hundreds worth of gold, create a supposed object from ancient Egypt and sell it for a hundred thousand dollars. Watch Antique Road Show some time and see how forgers make fools of people.
Every authenticated artifact has been recorded. Every inch of every wall of a newly found tomb has been photographed ... so when people come up with some picture of an object or wall painting from ancient Egypt, it can be verified.
Any picture I present from a private web site should be questioned by you.. as I question it my self ... as the supposed "blond Egyptians" in this web page.



In Europe and the Americas, Negroes spend millions of dollars because they want to get rid of the kinky hair of their heredity. There are over 50,000 web sites about straightening out their kinky hair


Have you actually seen any people on earth with this color red hair? Of course not, the program told the particular method this tribe used to dye their hair. Hair dying has been recorded back thousands of years even in the ancient Egyptian text.

Regardless of the hair dye used different races can be determined by looking at their hair under the microscope. Type in the link on this picture and it will take you to the official F.B.I. web site where they publish methods of identifying suspects or victims. Negroes have a different type hair than western Europeans NO MATTER what they put on it to change the color.

These shots were taken from National Geographic TV documentary about tribes in Sudan who live like their ancestors did 5000 years ago. Remember Sudan and Cush is the same place under different names.

The natives of North Africa and their relations with the cow. Upper left, gathering cow dung which is used for several things.  Lower left blowing in the cows  xxx for the benefit of the cow.

Upper right a trip at the beauty parlor, here you see the boy sticking his head under the cow taking a whiz.  Lower right  ... Ta Da you see where blond and red hair African Negroes get their blond or red hair.

This National Geographic program is repeated over and over through the year. I suggest you watch this program and multiple others about tribes of Africa... Africans that still follow the practices of their ancestors.

The Egyptians we read about in Egyptology were a composite of Negroes and SW Asians. These Asians had NO Blond hair either. Before Western Europeans began to pollute the world, blond hair was a trait they could be identified by. Go into any isolated villages in China with a video camera and tell me how many blond hair Chinese pop up in your pictures.

As for blond hair African/Egyptians, you can thank the cow and several plants for the colors that range from red to blond.


Google search for the key words: African hair dye
* Due to the many tribal customs African hairstyles were many and varied and usually .... soda, and RHUBARB mixed together into a substance to dye their hair.
* Due to the many tribal customs African hairstyles were many and varied and usually .... soda, and RHUBARB mixed together into a substance to dye their hair.
* URINE, HENNA or other compounds added.
* Women in certain desert areas use URINE of cows or camels
* Courtesans and wealthy women used dyes made from vine ashes, lime juice
* A plant used by women to dye their hair, thapsus (thapsia asclepium )

Do your own Google search 



The end of the scientific principals exposing the blond bs. If you are not into religion you are done here.

If the bible is false there are no such things as Israelites, but if the bible is true, it (and Egyptology) can be used to prove the ancient Israelites were a combination of Asians and Africans.

IF you live in Alexandria Egypt
and have time to play detective
you can look at this pop up


Why do Europeans publish the fable that the natives of the middle east were composed of a white race (Like German, Polish, Russians)...

For the white European population calling themselves Jews, this would be the only way they could be the descendant of the Asians/Africans of the scriptures.

For al the Christian Europeans to put their pictures of the blond hair/blue eye Jesus on their wall, of course the Israelites would have to been composed of a white Caucasian race.

Who were the Israelites composed of?

Abraham and Sarah .. Chaldeans (today the land area is called Iraq)

Isaac, descendant of ancient Iraqis

The wife of Isaac identified as a Syrian (who was the daughter of an ancient Iraqi - Abraham her uncle)

Two of Jacob/Israel's wives were his cousins (daughters of Iraqis)

Two of Jacob/Israel's wives were Syrian hand maids.

The 12 princes of Israel were the first Israelites ever to exist. They had 1 sister but she died having no children.

Who were the mothers of the 12 princes of Israel. There were no other Israelites on earth at that time so they could NOT be Israelite mothers.

REUBEN , 29:32 GENESIS , First Israelite to exist. Produced his tribe with one of his fatherís concubines.

SIMEON , 29:33 GENESIS , 1 of the 12 princes of Israel. Produced his tribe with a Canaanite. Mother (gentile)

JUDAH , 29:35 GENESIS , The tribe of Judah came out of the womb of one Canaanite he married (one of this Canaanite's sons became a leader in the tribes of Israelites.

JUDAH another Canaanite (Tamar) he hired as a prostitute produced the other sons of Judah.


The mothers of 11/12th of all princes of Israel

were non Israelites who they picked up in Canaan.

The mother of the sons of Joseph was an Egyptian girl he got hooked up with in Egypt.

Genesis 41:45 The wife of Joseph was the Egyptian girl Asenath

EPHRAIM 41:52 GENESIS , Egyptian mother Asenath

MANASSEH 41:51 GENESIS , Egyptian mother Asenath

In the Exodus the Israelites killed all boy babies, children, fathers, unless.. all males and they killed all mothers, grandmothers..

Of course the Israelites made wives of captured women in their conquests:

Deut 21:10. When thou goest forth to war a 11. And see.. a beautiful woman... that thou wouldest have her to thy wife.. 12. bring her home, shave her head, and pare her nails 13. ... shall remain in thine house, and bewail her father and her mother a full month: and after that thou shalt go in unto her, and be her husband, and she shall be thy wife.

Numbers 31:8-17 After killing all the male adults, the Israelite kept the women and children (14) Moses was enraged and (17) commanded them to kill all the little boys and non virgin women.

Numbers 31:35 The number of virgins the male Israelites got to keep for themselves was 32,000. There were 32,000 Midianites that would produce children of the Israelites.

Midian = Saudi Arabia. What % of non Asian/Negro people do you see in travel films or documentaries of Saudi Arabia?

The first wife of Moses was a native of ancient Saudi Arabia

Exodus 2:15 Moses fled to Midia, married the Midianite Zipporah and the two sons of Moses were conceived by this Saudi Arabian mother.

The 2nd wife of Moses was a Cushite. The English text says Ethiopian but the original word is Cushite. Cush was a land area south of Egypt (It was not what is now called Ethiopia). Cush existed between the southern part of modern Egypt and the northern part modern Sudan. Look to the tombs and there are multiple pictures of this African nation.


Why do white Europeans want the natives of the middle east to be white Caucasians? This farce is essential to make themselves descendants of the Israelites .. to have a blond hair, blue eye Jesus.

Here I have covered the identity of the mothers of the Israelites that expanded on their way out of Egypt, now lets go back and see who's wombs the Israelites came out of in the first place.


Eleven of the princes of Israel took non Israelite women in Canaan as the mothers of their children. Joseph took a non Israelite, Egyptian girl to be the mother of his children.

The stage is set. Upon entering Egypt the sons of Israel had produced their families and took their children into Egypt.

Who were the mothers of all of Israel's grand children ... Non Israelite Canaanites / Egyptian.

Who were the mothers of the tribes of Israel from that point on:

Killed before the Israelites entered Egypt ER 38:3 and ONAN 38:4

All of Israel's grand children that entered into Egypt to create the tribes of Israelites

Ard 46:21 , Areli 46:16 , Arodi 46:16 , Ashbel 46:21 , Becher 46:21 , Belah 46:21 , Beriah 46:17 , CARMI 46:9 , Ehi 46:21 , Elon 46:14 , EPHRAIM 41:52 , Eri 46:16 , Ezbon 46:16 , Gera 46:21 , Gershon 46:11 , Guni 46:24 , Haggi 46:16 , HANOCH 46:9 , Heber 46:17 , HEZRON 46:9 , Huppim 46:21 , Hushim 46:23 , Ishuah 46:17 , Isui 46:17 , Jachin 46:10 , Jahleel 46:14 , Jahzeel 46:24 , Jamin 46:10 , Jemuel 46:10 , Jezer 46:24 , Jimnah 46:17 , Job 46:13 , Kohath 46:11 , Malchiel 46:17 , MANASSEH 41:51 , Merari 46:11 , Muppim 46:21 , Naaman 46:21 , Ohad 46:10 , PALLU 46:9 , PHAREZ 38:29 , Phuvah 46:13 , Rosh 46:21 , Saul 46:10 , Serah 46:17 ONLY grand daughter of Israel , Sered 46:14 , SHECHEM 33:18 , SHELAH 46:12 , Shillem 46:24 , Shimron 46:13 , Shuni 46:16 , Tola 46:13 , ZARAH 38:30 , Ziphion 46:16 , Zohar 46:10


The first generation of Israel's descendants to produce ALL future generations were his grand children. There are 52 male grand children and only one Israelite female granddaughter. There were no other Israelites in the entire world. Except for ONLY 1 female grand daughter.

Only 1 (Serah) out 52 mothers of all future generations of Israelites was an Israelite. The mother of Serah was not an Israelite, but she was a Syrian hand maid.

52 mothers of all generations of Israelites were the daughters of the Egyptians, so of course the descendants of the Israelites would share the same race of their Egyptian ancestors.

Below is a Lemba who claims to be a descendant of the Israelites and one of the thousands of pictures of lily white "Jews" photographed in the Nazi prison camps.
The scriptures reveal that the Israelites were descendants of the Egyptians. We can look at the ancient paintings, we can see the anthropology studies that show ancient Egyptians were a composite of Asians and Africans.
We know the ancient Egyptians were a black race, so if these Europeans calling themselves Jews are descendants of the Israelites, why are they a lily white race just like all the rest of the white Russians and Germans?


Is it any wonder that racist religious sects need push the farce that ancient Egyptians were white Caucasians?


In endless hours of films from WW2 we see trenches full of thousands of dead "Jews" and there are no blacks in those naked bodies. These people belong to the very same race as all the rest of the Europeans.
It is not because they changed their race by living in a different part of the world. White Europeans have lived in South Africa for centuries and they are not turning into Negroes.
Africans have lived in Europe since the time of the Romans and their race has not changed.
To the top left are people who call themselves Ethiopian Jews.
NOTE how there are no white Ethiopian Jews.
Below is a family of European Jews.
Note how in the endless films of WW2 showing Jews, they have no black population !
If the Europeans calling themselves Jews were descendants of the black Asians/Africans of the bible period, they could not possibly be a race of people which exclude black Asian/African descendants.


If any of the original Egyptians were Africans or Asians, it would be impossible for their descendants to migrate to Europe and become a population whites that excludes Negroes/Asians in their population.

When "whites" breed with Asians or Negroes
* Some descendants will be white
* Some descendants will be black
* Some descendants will be a composite of both races

* BUT never will all descendants exclude the race of their original ancestors.

Here is an example of photos of the descendants of whites mixing with non whites.

If any one got to watch the PBS documentary .. The Jewish Americans PBS April 20, 2008, it was 6 hours and showed hundreds of "Jewish" families that migrated to the US from Europe.

About $30 to buy on DVD. The direct PBS order number is 1-800-play-pbs

Watch the video for 6 hours and ask yourself, if these people are descendants of Egyptians and Asians, where are the black faces in their mass migration?

One of the great funnies is the assertion that Ramses and King Tut were actually a white men

Religious cults are one of the prime reasons to pervert the race of Asians and Negroes .. make them white so Europeans can be descendants of the Israelites.

The actual Egyptians were a composite of Asians and Africans. Here are some photos of Asians in comparison to Africans and white Europeans

You might want to compare these with the faces of "Jews" who migrated to the Americas from Europe with the faces of Egyptians (Egyptians who were the ancestors of all actual bible Israelites).

52 out of 53 mothers of all Israelites were Egyptian girls. Is it any wonder the whites who profess to be descendants of the Israelites must try to make fools of the world, that the ancient Egyptians were white.

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